Anna Madgwick

Passionate about
Italy and all things Italian

My Italy…
Sunny mornings which begin with the aroma of coffee …

I have never been…
To a holiday resort (thank goodness)

The city where I return most happily

My most unforgettable journey
Naples 1987

The things I miss when I’m abroad
If my daughter is with me, nothing

Off the beaten track

Had it up to your ears with the herds of holidaymakers filling the galleries, museums, markets and piazzas in Italy’s world-famous art cities? Can’t bear the thought of bustling for bum-space on a beach bursting with billions of selfie-snapping sunbathers? If you want to enjoy a unique and authentically Italian experience far from the crowds, there’s only one thing to do: leave the well-trodden tourist routes behind you and head to one of these heavenly hideaways…

Dream pools

What makes the difference between any old pool and a dream pool? The size? the view? the service? From Venice to Vulcano, these hotel swimming pools get top scores for all three!

A bed on the beach?

There's nothing quite like falling asleep to the sound of waves. Especially when those waves are washing the shores of Marche, Tuscany, Campagna, Puglia, Sicily or Sardinia...

Beautiful inside & out: the 10 best hotel gardens in Italy

Even if you’re on your honeymoon, you’re unlikely to spend your entire vacation confined to your bedroom. Which is why hotels set in beautiful gardens are so irresistible... and why we compiled this list of ten of the best of them!

The writing’s on the wall

Want to know what happens when the Italian street artist Opiemme turns up in town? Ask anybody who lives in Turin, Bologna, Genoa, Ariano Irpino or Menfi or, alternatively, just keep reading...