Renting a Car in Italy Made Easy with Sixt

With its charming city streets, delectable local cuisine, and beautiful language, Italy is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Visiting this gorgeous country offers travelers a fantastic opportunity to see Italy in all her splendor.
In many instances, it will be necessary to rent a vehicle, in order to see popular sights and get around the country. Whether a tourist plans to hit all of the travel hotspots, or instead will be venturing into the Italian countryside, renting a vehicle is a convenient way to stay on the move. With 105 locations throughout Italy, Sixt Italy makes the entire process simple.
Renting a Vehicle
Renting a car through Sixt is an incredibly simple process. Travelers can easily access available vehicles online in advance, booking a car that will be available as soon as they land in Italy. Rental locations located close to airports and train stations help to simplify things, making it easy to pick-up a vehicle when arriving from abroad.
Sixt renters also benefits from a wide assortment of advantages, including unlimited mileage on many vehicles. This helps ensure the rental period goes as smoothly as possible.


Choosing a Car
When traveling, it’s important to find a vehicle that the driver feels comfortable utilizing. Sixt offers an assortment of different vehicles, from budget cars that are ideal for travelers looking for an inexpensive rental, to luxury sedans and sports vehicles.

Renters can easily reserve an SUV if they plan to travel with large amounts of luggage, whereas a van might be more convenient for large groups of travelers. Sixt even offers a variety of trucks in some locations, making it possible to rent a vehicle for an upcoming move.


Driving a car in Italy
Driving in Italy can be a little scary but once you get comfortable with the Italian style of driving it will be easy to drive every where you want with no stress. Sixt cars have GPS inside making it easy to get around even if you do not know where you are going. Sixt in Italy makes it easy to travel.


Returning a Vehicle
With the many Sixt locations scattered throughout the country, it is easy to find a place to return the vehicle. Some rentals will need to be returned to the rental location of origin, but others may be able to be left at another Sixt location. This makes a car rental an ideal situation for someone who will be traveling throughout different areas of the nation.


Spending time in Italy is a fantastic treat, with millions of tourists visiting this beautiful country each year. Sixt can play a valuable role in assisting travelers to book their itineraries. With a fleet of functional and attractive cars and many rental benefits, renting with Sixt is an easy way to see Italy in style.

Sixt - Rent a car in Italy

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