October food festivals

It’s October, the first month of autumn and the perfect time of year to savor the gastronomic goodies made with the delicacies which grow, often spontaneously, in the Italian countryside.

In October, towns and villages throughout Italy celebrate their traditional local products in the form of food festivals – some of which last just a day, some a whole weekend, others the entire month. Below, we’ve listed four of Italy’s best “sagre” being celebrated this October: buon appetito!


Porcino mushroom festival – Mammola, 27 October

Porcino festival Mammola

(Photo credits: peppeb93)

What better way to celebrate the arrival of Autumn than with a plate of porcini? You can enjoy these exquisitely perfumed mushrooms, together with other delicacies from the Calabrian mountains during the Porcino mushroom festival, in Mammola, in the province of  Reggio Calabria.

Chestnut and hazelnut festival – Aritzo, October

Chestnut festival Aritzo

(Photo credits: maurobrock)

October is the month when Italy’s chestnuts are ready to be picked and transformed into various sweet and savory delicacies. One of the best places to taste them is in Sardinia, in the pretty little town of Aritzo in the province of Nuoro, at the foot of the Gennargentu mountain.

Having munched your way through a bag of roasted chestnuts, stop to stock up on chestnut flour, jars of chestnut and hazelnut creams, nut liquors and typical Sardinian cakes and cookies made with… yes, you’ve guessed it, nuts!


Prickly pear festival – San Cono, 4 – 6 October

Prickly pear festival San Cono

(Photo credits: ilcucinario)

There’s a reason these fruits, typical of Southern Italy, are called prickly pears – and that’s because, before you can sink your teeth into the juicy devils, you have to get through a peel pitted with razor sharp thorns first!

Thankfully, great part of the prickly pears on display at San Cono’s “sagra del fico d’india” will already have been deftly “dealt with” by the inhabitants of this Sicilian town in the province of Catania and transformed into jams, jellies and even ice cream, served on bread!


EuroChocolate – Perugia, 18 – 27 October


(Photo credits: ramesse)

Dulcis in fundo, this is the event chocoholics have been waiting all year for. Eurochocolate is your chance to sample all of the yummiest Italian choccies, produced by both well-established, world-famous confectioners and as yet little-known artisan chocolatiers in one location: the magnificent medieval city of Perugia, in Umbria.

Join a theme tour, visit all of the best-known sweet shops in Perugia and attend demonstrations (and tastings!) by pupils and masters from the Perugina School of Chocolate.



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