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The days when spas were somber “sanatariums”, suspiciously similar to late 19th century lunatic asylums, where, after a bout of illness, you were sent by your well-meaning family doctor to spend a week inhaling eau de rotten egg, downing glass after glass of murky water, miserably munching your way through a “cleansing” diet of limp lettuce leaves and being thoroughly scrubbed and pummeled by some matronly therapist are, thankfully, long gone…

Today, spas are palatial pleasure domes, occupying some of the most beautiful locations in the world, where you can expect to stay in luxurious suites, dine on delicious gourmet cuisine, and enjoy the kind of blissful head-to-toe pampering which will leave you looking as fantastic as you feel.

Italy has more than its fair share of amazing spa resorts, which is why, to help you choose, we’ve put together this list of 7 of the best of them!


Hotel Adler Dolomiti – Ortisei

Hotel Adler Dolomiti

If you like the idea of wellness with altitude, you’re going to love this spa and sport resort in the heart of the Italian Dolomites. Set in 9000sqm of park and gardens, surrounded by  the soaring snow-covered mountains of South Tyrol, Hotel Adler Dolomiti has been in the business of making guests beautiful for over 200 years!

Indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, bio-cosmetics, a medical spa, treatments for ladies, gents, couples and even kids: Hotel Adler has something for everyone.

To try: a morning on the slopes followed by a soak in the panoramic hot tub


Lefay Resort & Spa – Lake Garda

Lefay pool

The stunning location, on the western shores of Lake Garda, is just one of the reasons to book a wellness break at Lefay.

The resort’s eco-sustainable spa is another: The 3000sqm wellness area, complete with saunas, grottos, therapeutic gardens, wellness paths and in-and-outdoor swimming pools is one of the most environmentally friendly in Italy. It’s also one of the most panoramic: with everything designed to allow guests to chill out and work out, whilst enjoying breathtakingly beautiful views of the lake.

A spa for two? Book a session in one of Lefay’s private spa suites and enjoy massages, facial treatments and baths in the large Perlage tub, designed just for you – and that special someone.


Tombolo Talasso Resort & Spa – Marina di Castagneto di Carducci


There’s only one place to experience the benefits of thalassotherapy in Tuscany – and that’s the Tombolo Talasso Resort.

A unique 5 star property, nestled between the sandy dunes and the beach of Marina di Castagneto di Carducci, Tombolo Talasso Resort boasts 96 individually furnished rooms and suites, an excellent seafront restaurant, a lagoon-like pool and one of the best spa facilities in the region.

There are 5 pools used for thalassotherapy, located inside a massive artificial cave and lit with special chromo-therapeutic lighting.

Thalasso…what?  Thalassotherapy (from the Greek word thalassa, meaning “sea”)  is a long established spa discipline which exploits sea water, seaweed and sand to promote long lasting health and beauty.


Park Hotel ai Cappuccini – Gubbio

park hotel cappuccini

capuchin monastery in the countryside just outside the Umbrian art-city of Gubbio is, perhaps, the last place you’d expect to find an ultra-modern spa, but then there’s nothing ordinary about Park Hotel ai Cappuccini which, ever since it was first opened in the 1960’s, has been wowing customers with its unique combination of 17th century architecture, renaissance art, designer interiors and cutting-edge wellness facilities.

Constantly upgraded over the years, Park Hotel ai Cappuccini now offers 3 to 10 day spa programs by Marc Mességué and a futuristic water park designed by Simone Micheli.

Top tip: pop into the monastery’s pharmacy or Monasticum, to stock up on any of a vast range of health and beauty products made with medicinal and aromatic herbs.


Hotel Excelsior – Pesaro

Hotel Excelsior Pool

If you like the combination of beach and spa, you’re going to luuurve Hotel Excelsior: a fabulous 5 star resort on Pesaro’s seafront promenade, within steps of the Adriatic sea.

49 super-accessorized rooms, each with their own sea view balcony or terrace, a fantastic fish restaurant and bistrot, and a 1950’s inspired beach club: Hotel Excelsior combines contemporary and vintage seaside glamour to perfection.

What about the wellness? Make your way up to the last floor of the hotel to access the panoramic roof top spa, complete with hydromassage pool, biosauna, hammam, vertical Kneipp, emotional showers and sea view fitness room.

Worth knowing: on request, Hotel Excelsior’s spa is available for exclusive use (making it a great location for an unforgettable bachelorette party!)


Borgobianco Resort & Spa – Polignano a Mare

Borgobianco resort

Sun, sea and spa: the three essential ingredients for a wellness escape in Puglia. The best place to get them? BorgoBianco Resort & Spa, in the sun-scorched coastal countryside of Polignano a Mare, is one of the region’s finest destination spas, famous for its beautiful rooms and suites, awesome Puglian cuisine and superb spa treatments.

Basil, black pepper, grapefruit, lemongrass, mint, cinnamon, apricot, ginger and olive oil: many of the ingredients used to create the deliciously light dishes served in BorgoBianco’s restaurant, are employed in the spa, in the form of aromatic scrubs and massages.

Tired of being pale and interesting? Try the REVE DE SOLEIL – a specific treatment which prepares the skin for the sun and ensures a a long-lasting and intensely Italian tan!


Therasia Resort  – Vulcano

Therasia massage

For wellness Made in the Mediterranean, sail from Sicily to the paradisiacal Vulcano, one of Italy’s seven Aeolian islands, and the luxurious Therasia Resort.

The setting, overlooking the shimmering Sicilian sea, is, in itself, enough to make you feel fantastic. Add the stylish suites, phenomenal Sicilian cuisine and wonderful wellness treatments and you can see why this is one of Italy’s most desirable and desired destination spas.

Don’t dare miss: the scrubs performed with Vulcano’s black sand and honey from the neighboring island of Lipari


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