60 Additional reasons to visit Italy

The canals of Venice, the Spanish Steps in Rome and the romantic landscapes of the Amalfi Coast are just a few examples of what you can find in a classic Italian travel guide. As well as shopping in Milan, eating a Neapolitan pizza and ordering an espresso which are always included in the Top 10 things to do once in a lifetime. All this is true and every Italian fully endorses these highlighted points.
But, if you are a traveler who follows the beaten path, if you love going off-piste, if you are just filled with curiosity and you have already visited the main Italian to do places, there is no doubt: you need some additional reasons to visit Italy!

Despite the fact Italy is one of the dreamed of and well-known holiday destinations, there are places that even the locals sometimes don’t actually know about.
Did you know that there are “pyramids” in Italy too?
Did you know that you can not only visit the Unesco site in Matera, but you can also sleep there, cocooned by the history of this amazing place?
Do you know how to really live like a local in Catania? Do you know where one of the smallest storical cafes in the world is located?

In Italy every nook and cranny has a story and every individual has a lot to tell… Our last project is a free gift for curious and wondering-addicted people. It presents 60 further facts to know about Italy, 60 stories to impress your friends, 60 Additional Reasons to visit Italy.
Get a little taste of what you can find in the e-book….

The Little Venice, Bologna

You are walking down one of the typical Bologna’s porticoes and suddenly you see it: a little wooden shutter in the wall. Behind, a surprising view of…Venice!

The bell tower lake, Curon Venosta

That’s actually a weird thing: a bell tower soaring out of the water. In 1950 the old waterlogged town of Curon Venosta was left with only its steeple, nowadays the historic symbol of Val Venosta.

Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, Rome: St. Peter’s through the keyhole

On the Aventine Hill there’s a wooden door you absolutely can’t miss! You don’t have to cross the threshold: just put an eye to the keyhole and enjoy this unusual view of St. Peter’s dome.

The triple-bedded Caffè al Bicerin, Turin

Coffee, chocolate and cream are the ingredients of the popular beverage of Turin: the original one is at “Al Bicerin” café, where it was invented in 1763… One of the smallest storical cafes in the world!

An ice-cream cone at Gelateria Giolitti, Rome

Gelato gelato gelato! Summer or winter, hungry or not, it is a must have when in Italy. In Rome, try the flavours at the oldest Gelateria of the city!

Are you curious, do you want to discover more?
Download now the Ebook 60 Additional Reasons to visit Italy and discover the treats we have collected for your delight.

Silvia Pe

Born in 1982, the boundaries of her island Sardinia sometimes feel a little too tight, making her travel all across Europe; nonetheless she graduated with Honors.
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