ItalyTraveller - Una selezione del meglio d'Italia. Solo per viaggiatori esigenti, come siamo noi.


A true labor of love, ItalyTraveller is one of Caprionline’s biggest and most successful projects.

There’s a reason we’re called Caprionline and why we specialize in travel and tourism: it was on the island of Capri, one of Italy’s most sought-after tourists destinations, that our web agency was born 15 years ago – and it’s here that we still have our main office today.

The idea behind ItalyTraveller was to create a portal which would feature the kind of places where we ourselves would be more than happy to stay. Whether it’s a 3 room B&B or luxury boutique hotel, in a city or by the sea, what we’re looking for are unique and unforgettable properties in which to enjoy the very best of what any particular part of Italy has to offer…

Hotels and experiences too. We’re on the constant look-out for those secret beaches, forgotten gardens, unheard-of eateries, and off-the-beaten-track itineraries, which will introduce visitors to a different and evermore authentic kind of Italy.

This blog has been designed as a place where we can share our discoveries with you and, hopefully, where you will share yours too!

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Romano Acampora

When you live on a tiny island surrounded by the sea like I do, you either fish or travel: I travel!

Camilla Formisano

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